Green and pink home decor was everywhere in 2017, and the look is here to stay this year too. The versatility and popularity of this interiors combo has grown due to high street and online retailers expanding their collections (hello pink sofa of dreams). With products now available in every shade of green and pink imaginable, in a wide range of textures, we have never had so much choice.

Here are some ways that you can incorporate the green and pink colour scheme into any room throughout your home.

A forest green and dusty/millennial pink combo is the most elegant pairing that you can get within this colour spectrum. Forest green forms a striking backdrop and most tones of pink will compliment it perfectly, although I feel like the millennial pink really brings out the richness of this colour. Use forest green as a block colour painted on the walls or have it as an accent feature through furniture such as sideboards, blankets or artwork. A white grey tone will add a much needed touch of brightness to the room. Finish off the look with gold and brass details to add a touch of luxury.

Emerald green and peach pink give off bohemian vibes, with a modern twist, when it comes to this colour trend. The addition of dark wood furniture, such as side tables, gives this look a masculine and earthy feel, whilst nicely contrasting with the girly peachy tones. This particular set of colours also lends itself as the ideal backdrop for houseplants and rugs in natural tones. Brass, gold and copper finishes all compliment this look beautifully.

If the though of painting a whole wall green is a bit daunting for you, then taking small steps is a great way to see if this colour combo is something you can get on board with. Starting small such as adding accessories and decorative objects in your chosen shade of green are a great way to ease you in gently. Wall art would also be a great way to introduce this trend into your home. If you love the effect then you can slowly add more pieces until you get your desired look.  For the of you who are feeling more daring, go bold and introduce a dramatic feature sofa. Not only will they make a statement, they will also prove to be a sound investment in the long term.

What do you think of the green and pink home decor trend? Is it here to stay or a passing fad? Only time will tell.