I recently attended an event with the lovely ladies at Amara and one of the sessions was with their in house stylist, Elle. The session was so informative and I sat in awe as we watched Elle turn a table full of items into a beautifully styled shelf.

When I got home I put all of the advice Elle gave us into practice and set about styling my own home accessories, kindly gifted to me by Amara. Below you can see how I got on, and also read some handy styling home accessories tips that I picked up on the day.

  • Pick a colour scheme, ideally sticking to a maximum of three colours – any more than this and your risk the look being ‘too busy’
  • Start by placing your larger items onto your surface area first

  • Books don’t have to be hidden away collecting dust. Get them out and style them – but don’t just place them vertically. Lay them flat or lean them against other items. Just make sure that the colours of the books fit in with your general colour scheme
  • Adding flowers or plants will give your final look an added lift. Don’t panic if you’re a serial plant killer though, faux flowers and plants work just as well

  • Work to the rule of odds, and style accessories in groups of 1, 3, 5 etc. This is a styling top tip and makes your overall look more appealing
  • Vary the height of your items. Keep the larger items in the middle where possible, adding shorter items either side, creating a ‘pyramid’ of accessories

  • Play with tones and textures
  • Use a neutral background where possible. Using a heavily patterned wall as your backdrop will detract from the accessories you’re trying to show off

  • If the finished look isn’t quite what you hoped for then step away. Go and do something else for a while then come back to it with a fresh mind – you’ll see your accessories in a whole new light

Styling home accessories is definitely harder than you think, and it takes a lot of going backwards and forwards, adding and removing items, until you get it just right. But practice makes perfect and if you follow the advice above then you’ll be well on your way to creating your own swoon worthy Instagram photos.