I started looking for a desk for our new office (also known as the spare bedroom) a few weeks ago and there was nothing that really stood out to me, they all just looked a bit ‘meh’. So I got inventive and started Googling ‘IKEA desk hack’ to look for some inspiration, and boy did I find it. Pinterest is awash with IKEA desk hacks and I couldn’t believe how many amazing ideas there are out there!

IKEA products are extremely versatile and I love that you can customise their pieces easily, ultimately creating your own IKEA desk hack that will fit your space and your style perfectly. And that’s just what I did – using just three items.

If you fancy giving this a try yourself then this is what you’ll need:

Both the drawer and trestle needed to be built but the instructions were clear and easy enough to follow, and the whole thing took around 45 minutes to assemble.

The table top isn’t screwed on, it’s simply placed on top of the trestle and drawer with some rubber grips to keep it in place. Even though the top isn’t screwed down it feels extremely sturdy and we haven’t had any issues with it.

I finished the look with some golden blush accessories, and this chair which I purchased online from Cult Furniture.

The total cost of this desk was £85, which is unbelievably good value in my opinion.

Both the table top and drawers come in a range of colours, including grey or oak, but I wanted a clean and minimal look so went for all white with a pop of black on the trestle.

So there you have it, my IKEA desk hack. It’s simple, sleek, modern and unlike any that you will find in the shops.